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Every person enjoys a good game of "Would You Rather".
Weirdpoll is an absolutely free, just-for-fun website which features thousands of interesting and intriguing questions!
These are mostly "would you rather questions”, “polls" and other "funny questions".

You will be presented several "would you rather questions" that you simply have to respond to as honestly as you can.
It usually is very challenging to answer such polls, nevertheless, in the event it consists of the social media and products that people do not wish to live without. There's really no proper answer to these “would you rather” questions. Nevertheless, immediately after every poll, you are able to discover the way in which other people have answered. This is presented to you by means of a clear and simple graphical bar graph and it will give you intriguing knowledge an fun facts on exactly how many of us think.This in agreement with what you think or not.The good thing is that this game is anonymous, so the statistics are pretty accurate.Don't wait and give it a try!